Quantcha Named One of StockTwits’ 25 Best Follows for Earnings Season

Home to traders of all stripes, StockTwits has become the place to meet for millions of equities and options investors. It’s also one of Quantchabot’s favorite haunts, receiving some of the best trade ideas discovered every trading day. These reliable insights and trade ideas have earned Quantcha a position as one of StockTwits’ 25 best follows for earnings season.

Looking for a fresh idea for your favorite stock? Just message Quantcha on StockTwits or Twitter using the format:

@quantcha $SYMBOL sentiment expiration

Quantchabot on StockTwits
Quantchabot on StockTwits

Quantcha’s Path to Offering Unlimited Commission-Free Options Trading

My name is Ed Kaim, and I’m the founder at Quantcha. We’ve been providing tools for active options investors for over four years now, and have put together a pretty compelling platform in our Quantcha Options Suite. I’d like to share one of my experiences in building Quantcha that has led up to a major announcement we’ve just made. It starts way back in the early days of 2016…

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