Why does Quantcha Personal Require a PayPal account?

We’re often asked why a PayPal account is required to subscribe to Quantcha Personal. We understand that this extra step is a slight inconvenience, but we have a good reason.

We outsource our billing, which includes the collection, storage, and processing of your payment details, to PayPal, one of the premier processors available. We do this because it’s something we don’t want to deal with, and they’re really good at it. It also means we never see or have access your payment method details.

Our service is subscription-based, which means it’s billed on a recurring basis. For PayPal to store your credentials for these ongoing payments, they need you to have an account on their site. Having this account makes it very easy for you to update (or cancel) your payment method without having to rely on us for anything. You don’t need to transfer any money into your PayPal account for this to just work.

Note that we’re talking specifically about Quantcha Personal, which are the subscriptions you can sign up for directly from our site. If you’re taking advantage of a brokerage offer for something like Quantcha Unlimited, then they will manage your payments. Or, if you are a bulk institutional or educational client, you can contact hello@quantcha.com for alternative payment options.