Introducing Qwidgets: The free place to plan, track, and manage your investments

We’ve been proud to deliver top-quality tools and services to the option investment community for the past decade. However, in that time we’ve received tons of feedback that the entire industry wasn’t properly serving its membership with the tools it needs to effectively organize their various strategies.

A workspace to monitor Fed moves

Around a year ago we set out on a journey to update Quantcha to provide tools to meet these needs. Our vision was to deliver a workspace-driven user experience where users would be able to precisely customize each workspace to fit their exact needs for the task at hand. This customization would come in the form of task-focused widgets designed to chart quotes, track trade ideas, manage orders, and so on. The scenarios were endless, so we knew it needed to be flexible.

Qwidgets Home view

As we started showing our industry partners early demos of this new feature—which we were calling Quantcha Widgets—there was consistent feedback that it would be really helpful to a much broader audience than our traditional options investor customers. As a result, we made the decision to launch it as a separate service called Qwidgets and make it free for everyone.

Integrated brokerage support

We also knew that users relied on a lot of data and functionality beyond what we delivered. To meet those needs, we partnered with some of the best names in finance to integrate brokerage, news, analysis, social media, and more. We envisioned a platform where anyone could place and manage orders alongside the latest research and breaking developments.

Integrated trade analyzer

To use Qwidgets you’ll need to create a new account that’s separate from your Quantcha account. However, you can then link your Quantcha account in order to enable some advanced options-focused features, such as pages and widgets for screeners and the trade analyzer. Over time we’ll be migrating all of our Quantcha functionality to Qwidgets so that subscribers can enjoy the full depth of our functionality on either platform.

Trade screener powered by Quantcha

If you have feedback, please let us know at In the meantime, check out our launch video!

Qwidgets launch video