Turn your good idea about a stock into a great options trade.

Stock options search engine
Options portfolio & book manager
Market scanners & screeners

Stock Options Search Engine

Quickly and easily model the world of options trades for your favorite stocks using a forecast target and expiration date.

Quickly search and filter thousands of potential trades to find the optimal investment balance of risk and return.


Automatically leverage over three dozen standard and sophisticated trading strategies to discover new ideas with better results.

Easy to use

Understand everything about your trade—from the risks to the specific leg positions—and even your brokerage fees.


Available in the browser of your computer or device. No need to find or install any app.

  • Trade directly to supported brokerages
  • Watch trade ideas and track performance
  • Access models and settings across devices
  • Visual options chain
  • Implied volatility charts
  • Profit density charts
  • Upcoming earnings announcements
  • Dividend stocks
  • Top correlations
  • Share ideas via social media & email


The features you need to find and understand great options trades.
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Market screeners

Our global screeners track the entire market so you can find the trades you're looking for.


Our pricing is simple and transparent, and you can cancel anytime.


  • Product evaluation
  • Learning about options investing
  • Limited to 2-week delayed data
  • Fully featured for MSFT only
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/ mo
  • Everything in Personal
  • For professionally qualified traders
  • Licensed for a single desk of up to 5
  • Priority email support
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API & Data

Want to integrate directly with our data or functionality? We provide a variety of ways to take advantage of virtually every aspect of our platform.
Prepackaged Data
Pricing Varies
  • Historical & implied volatilities
  • Option analytics & risk metrics
  • Updated daily after market close
  • Available now via Quandl
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Custom Data
Contact For Pricing
  • Designed to specification
  • Proprietary, trade-centric, & more
  • Custom implementation of data
  • Delevered how and when you need
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  • Trade ideas & options search
  • Portfolio analysis & management
  • Access anything in the platform
  • Flexible & customizable endpoints
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