Turn your good idea about a stock into a great options trade.

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Stock Options Search Engine

Quickly and easily model the world of options trades for your favorite stocks using a forecast target and expiration date.

Quickly search and filter thousands of potential trades to find the optimal investment balance of risk and return.


Automatically leverage over three dozen standard and sophisticated trading strategies to discover new ideas with better results.

Easy to use

Understand everything about your trade—from the risks to the specific leg positions—and even your brokerage fees.


Available in the browser of your computer or device. No need to find or install any app.

  • Trade directly to supported brokerages
  • Watch trade ideas and track performance
  • Access models and settings across devices
  • Visual options chain
  • Implied volatility charts
  • Profit density charts
  • Upcoming earnings announcements
  • Dividend stocks
  • Top correlations
  • Share ideas via social media & email


The features you need to find and understand great options trades.
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How it works

It's really easy to find great options trades. All you need to do is provide your view of the underlying stock and we'll do all the heavy lifting for you.
Pick your stock

Start off by picking a stock you'd like to analyze. We'll get you a list of expirations.

Pick your expiration

What's your time horizon? We'll get all the options expiring on that date so we can evaluate all of the possible ways you can trade for that expiration.

Adjust the forecast to reflect your view

We'll use over three dozen trading strategies to calculate thousands of potential trades based on your forecast. Don't worry, we'll give you the exact leg positions for each idea so that you can easily open any trade you like.

Optionally add in your budget and/or brokerage for more accurate results

We'll factor in your budget and brokerage fees & commissions to help you understand how to make the most of your investment.

Sort & filter the results

We'll quickly filter and sort thousands of trade ideas so you only see the ones that meet those that meet your risk and return requirements.

Analyze attractive trade opportunities

Drill into the prospective trades that catch your eye in order to better understand the risks and opportunities each provide. You'll also get to see some data we infer from the current option pricing to understand how well your forecast aligns with the current market sentiment.

Share and multiply

Have a great idea for a forecast or trade? Click the "Share" button to quickly share your idea via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social networks. You can even embed our search results and trade analysis widgets into your own Web site.

Stay in the know

If there's a trade you'd like to track, simply add it to your watchlist and we'll send you updates on all the trades you're watching before the market opens each day or week. Don't worry, email notifications are disabled by default, so you'll only get these messages if you opt in.

Market screeners

Our global screeners track the entire market so you can find the trades you're looking for.

API & Data

Want to integrate directly with our data or functionality? We have partnered with Quandl to deliver the same high-quality data we use to power our services through their platform for you to directly connect with your tools and software.

US Equity Historical & Option Implied Volatilities API

  • 60+ volatility indicators
  • Updated daily by 6:30PM Eastern on trading days
  • Historical data back to 2002
  • Covering 3500+ US equities
  • Close-to-close historical volatility
  • Parkinson historical volatility
  • Option-implied volatility and skew
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Quantcha Option Analytics API

  • 70+ option-derived indicators
  • Updated daily by 6:30PM Eastern on trading days
  • Historical data back to 2002
  • Covering 4000+ US equities
  • Put/call ratios by volume and open interest
  • Option-implied forward prices
  • Option breakevens
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  • Learning about options investing
  • Limited to 2-week delayed data
  • Fully featured for MSFT only
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  • Covered call and other screeners
  • In-depth trade analysis
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