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Quantcha Options Suite

Power tools for successful option investors.

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Option Search Engine

Turn a great stock idea into a great options trade.

  • Search for optimal trades based on a stock, timeframe, and price target
  • Filter and sort trades to discover your favorites
  • Easily understand every trade at a glance

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Calendar Search

Identify optimal calendar trades for a target date and view.

  • Search for multi-expiration spreads for a specific date and view
  • Filter near and far term options based on expirations, strikes, and deltas
  • Review calendar opportunities in the trade analyzer

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Option Trade Analyzer

Critical analysis for your potential option trades.

  • Uncover potential problems with the risk-neutral trade review
  • Get the full picture based on probable outcomes
  • Dig deep with comprehensive data

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Stock & Option Trade Screeners

Screen the entire market for ideal stocks and trades.

  • Uncover the best optionable stocks
  • Zero in on the best available trades for your favorite strategies
  • Get an edge with our proprietary data

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Stock & Option Charting

Turning data into knowledge so you can turn insights into trades.

  • Plot a variety of key option data points to easily discover outliers
  • Model technical trading positions one chart click at a time
  • Stock charting that satisfies seasoned technical analysts

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Quantcha Alerts

Stay on top of your investments with proactive market and portfolio notifications.

  • Configure alerts based on timeframes, market data, and portfolio scenarios
  • Customize alert parameters to fine-tune the type of notifications you receive and when
  • Define alerts linked to your brokerage accounts to track account, portfolio, and trade progress

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Option Portfolio & Book Manager

Management tools to put you in control of your options.

  • Simulate the future value of your options book
  • Experiment with changes and compare performance between books
  • Discover efficient ways to meet book goals, such as delta-neutral balancing

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Option Trade Tracking & Reporting

Flexible in-depth tracking of your past and current trades.

  • Visualize distribution across underlyings, strategies, and performance
  • Filter and sort by entry date, underlyings, strategies, and more
  • Track trade progress across opens, rolls, expirations, and closes

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  • Product evaluation
  • Learning about options investing
  • Limited to data from 4/22/2020
  • All features enabled


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  • Real-time account, trade, and market data with a linked brokerage account
  • Intraday delayed market data without a linked brokerage account
  • All features enabled


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  • Everything in Personal
  • Unlimited commission-free stock and options trading with your linked Tradier Brokerage account (required)
Programmatic data feed and API access is licensed separately from Quantcha Options Suite.