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Get Quantcha For Free

Just trade 15 times from your Tradier account and they'll pay for your Quantcha subscription!

  • Access your Tradier portfolio and account data throughout Quantcha
  • Plan and optimize your strategies with real-time quotes sourced from your Tradier account
  • Place and manage your Tradier orders directly from Quantcha


Register a free Quantcha Evaluation account

Register a free Quantcha Evaluation account using the same email address as your Tradier account. You don't need to sign up for a paid subscription here because your Tradier brokerage account will be billed directly for months where you don't trade 15 times.


Link your Quantcha and Tradier accounts

Once you've funded your Tradier brokerage account, link your Quantcha and Tradier accounts. Tradier will cover your Quantcha subscription fee every month you complete at least 15 trades!

Equity Order Pricing

  • $3.49 per order

Option Order Pricing

  • No ticket charge
  • $.35 per contract
  • $5 minimum for single-leg
  • $7 minimum for multi-leg

Other Tradier Pricing

Full details on Tradier pricing is available here.